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We aim to build great sounding hybrid pro audio gear combining vacuum tubes and transformers with modern high performance solid state circuitry. Our products are hand built in the USA using premium quality parts, hand selected tubes and rugged construction. Units feature high voltage tube circuitry, ultra low noise floors, internal power supplies and engraved front panels.

C4 opto+tube quad compressor

A 4-channel opto compressor with 3 switchable opto response speeds followed by a high voltage tube stage. Pairs of channels can be linked for stereo operation, and different tubes in each pair gives two different sounding units. Great on inputs, subgroups, or even the stereo bus.

Coming soon:

Cx vca+tube stereo compressor

A fully adjustable stereo VCA compressor combined a high voltage tube stage and bypassable output transformers. The Cx imparts exceptional detail, depth and width to a source, and excels on the stereo bus.

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