Company founder Craig Bystrom is a 27-year veteran live FOH engineer, mixing for The Kingsmen, The Daily Flash, and Hoodoo Johnson, among others. He's been working with vacuum tubes and electronics for over 30 years. Producer/engineer/musician Pat Hewitt has also played a key role in the R&D and evaluation of the C4 and Cx.

The C4 was inspired by a personal desire for a 4 channel/1 rack space tube compressor for live use. It is in the tradition of classic opto compressors, but is not a copy of any particular unit. About nine months of R&D with a single channel unit resulted in the first full four channel unit in July 2004. Through countless hours of experimentation and evaluation the C4 evolved from a crazy idea into a great sounding, versatile unit.

The Cx started as a "what if you combine a VCA and tubes?" experiment, and has gone through several revisions in it's development. It has similar tube circuitry to the C4, and with the feedforward/feedback modes and the output transformer bypass, the Cx is very versatile. It is a stellar sounding unit that excels on the stereo bus.

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